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Goodbye & Hello


Drupal & WordPress two Classic Works of Fine Software

WordPress has been more than adequate for our requirements here. I've been working on other projects however, where Drupal better addressed the needs at hand. Plus I have plans for our site here that will also be better handled by Drupal. In any event I much prefer to fulfill all my publishing needs with one product instead of two, so it's sadly time to say a warm goodbye to WordPress and an enthusiastic Hello to Drupal.

Prolonged Absence

Disintegration of Persistence

finding the groove

Wow, it has been well over four months since my last post. On 07/14/2006 -within a month after my previous post- a reader wrote via email, “Haven't seen an update to your blog in quite a while. Hope you're creating, and not stewing!” Actually, I was too bewildered to seriously stew. I had targeted select persons and groups with modest email campaigns which came to nothing. Although I have an email list of GPG/PGP users to address (thinking that they would at least relate to the technology); those who I'd written to before -in my judgment- already enjoyed the best flexibility of mind to relate to my YeNom proposal. And even if refocused efforts with any new group were unexpectedly 96 times more successful than my previous endeavors, it'd still be negligible.

So, I felt that some serious reappraisals were in order. The strategy of choice was to get my thoughts absorbed in a completely different activity, which -in this case- turned out to attending to my fledgling Linux system and getting better acquainted with this enthusiastically respected world of software freedom.


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