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YeNom — Your Time Will Come!

Take a sad song and make it better

The aspiration of is to help usher in an immanent new world. Unlike the fashion world, the (old doomed) financial world, or the political world: the YeNom world is NOT some self-important entity that any individual is expected, required, or compelled to accept. Moreover, in addition to participation being unequivocally voluntary, the core value of this simple system stems entirely from individual contribution. The only authorities found within this realm are those whom a person elects to respect or commit to.

The ‘NOT DOING’ of licensing

The Secure EGO

Making Paying a Pleasure

Blog wise, I've certainly not kept up with my duties and objectives. Instead of reducing the times between posts, it looks more like I'm hell bent on setting new records for falling behind (Dr.Alan posted apt comments regarding this).

I've just finished composing a more difficult than average article for my new 'EGO' page (which is essentially a plan to pay persons YeNoms for using my PUBLIC DOMAIN photographic files). I was intending, of course, to post a blog covering this new initiative after I'd actually made some photography publicly available. But then I noticed the date of my last entry here and felt a little sick. So to help feel better, I'm knocking this out posthaste with another post to hopefully follow soon. So far now, the text related my concepts on 'EGO' and the future is copied below:

The options sought for obtaining goals can be squelched by the social environment one operates in. It is, however, eminent that viable goal options will eventually emerge as society matures. The option I'm trying to nurture promises to free the creative ego from the current threats of institutionalized violence. If the meaning of an “Eminent Goal Option” is now clarified then click here to jump ahead - otherwise lets further examine this word for word.

The “Eminent”

The good news first. Excluding the outside chance of some glorious war and the wholesale devastation of the physical environment, our world is unstoppably spiraling toward ever enhanced levels of rationality and an unfolding utopia. This is no compliment nor show of faith in our species. Instead, it's a mere recognition of the basic fact that in due time and despite ourselves, superior results inevitably take hold over inferior ones. Capitalism's triumph over communism, had nothing to do with the effectiveness, validity nor vehemence of any rhetorical campaigns. It had to do with clean food in the mouth and fitting apparel for the ego. Likewise with slavery (past & present) in the ‘land of the free’. Lincoln's obsession was hardly bent on freeing anyone, but in maintaining the Union. Actually, considering the nonviolent intent of the South to simply secede, the North's reaction itself constitutes an act of aggression to subjugate (enslave) the South and strip her of any sense of self sovereignty. Hence field slavery failed on its own merits (without heroic outside force). That is, compulsory servitude doesn't work - at least not compared to the cotton gin or a farm combine. This of course, only begs the point that human slaves of whatever caliber cannot perform at the same level as liberated egos.

Damned if we do — Double Damned if we don't ...


Ultra tolerance for individuals – Zero tolerance for unilateral coercion!
* Searching for the common ground between brothers in arms *

Greetings Fellow Advocates of Jean-François Noubel's The Transitioner:

I have gone through this site's entire “Who is Who” list and read everyone's introduction. Allow me to comment on two observations. First is the surprisingly encouraging caliber of the individuals supporting Mr. Noubel's undertaking. Second is the expected general sense of encouragement & positivism. Unfortunately, too many entries -despite an upbeat intro and promise of more to follow- have not been updated for over two years. Consequently, I beg your understanding if this commentary fails to substantiate the festive optimism traditionally sung by would be visionaries/futurist.

First, I'm in enthusiastic accord with the basic concepts promoted here. In fact, I'm frequently inclined to take a winning concept much further that those who seek virtue in compromise & middle of the road postures. For example, if we concede that burning select women to death for inconformity (i.e. witchcraft) is a bit excessive, then a laudable legislator might gain glory for advocating a more humane demise (per a propitious poison for instance). My closed minded objective however, would aim for nothing less than total tolerance (i.e. malicious targeting of no one). Admittedly, such full fledged commitments could be construed as radical – which is also an apt way to characterize the grand social architects like Hillary & Hitler. So how does one turbo blast an agenda to dimensions opposite of the spectrum occupied but all those goodly idealist committed to compelling everyone else into their superior world views? Well, it's not all that difficult – we just need to take freedom seriously. I like to view it as the not-doing (a Carlos Castaneda concept) of Social Engineering. This simply translates to an absolute unadulterated respect for individual volition — a fundamental inviolable prerequisite for a truly rational society. As meritorious this train of thought is, further consideration need be deferred to my blog, or Lysander Spooner's No Treason. The pertinent point here is merely to underscore the fact that most empowerment proposals offered as an elective freewill option to individuals will not only be personally well received, but may even be advocated more vigorously by me than its originator.

The Problem With Anarchy


Mon Apr 17 21:23 2006 – too much bull - too little beef

Which is the Real Anarchist?

Webster's Third International Dictionary, succinctly defines anarchism as, “a political theory opposed to all forms of government and governmental restraint and advocating voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups in order to satisfy their needs.”
Britannica-Webster reads, “a political theory that holds all government authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocates a society based on voluntary cooperation of individuals and groups.”
And the New Webster Handy College Dictionary tersely states, “the political doctrine that all governments should be abolished.”
From wiktionary we get:
1. absence of hierarchy, power and authority
2. absence of any form of political authority or government
3. political disorder and confusion
4. absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose
5. without rules or laws (syn: anomie, anomy)
6. self-government

Finally my standby Random House Webster's yields:
an-ar-chism (an'uhr kiz uhm)   n.
1. a doctrine urging the abolition of government or governmental restraint as the indispensable condition for full social and political liberty.
2. the methods or practices of anarchists.

Now that's all patently prettier than poetry and even in good keeping with its Greek roots - so where's the rub? Well as we've seen with “monetize”, there are always plenty of quasi-literates who need to bend straight clear concepts into twisted pretzels promoting perverse purposes.

For a good sampling of what I'm talking about just drop “anarchy” into your favorite search engine, and you'll quickly find this simple idea contorted & complicated. The following quote characterizes one major branch of colonization as raw as you'd want: “Anarchism is really a synonym for socialism. The anarchist is primarily a socialist whose aim is to abolish the exploitation of man by man.” - Daniel Guérin, Anarchism. As you might anticipate, we also find: 1) anarcho-syndicalists who crave a high degree of societal structure, 2) worker's control of the means of production and distribution, 3) opposition to personal property ownership, 4) parecon, etc. Particulars include: Russian anarchists Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876) and Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) - Mutual Aid, Fields Factories and Workshops plus The Conquest of Bread, plus Pierre Joseph Proudhon - What is Property?.

WHY “GNU.hope”


Tue Mar 28 15:51:42 2006 — what's in a name?

This is a surprisingly heavy subject and has received an inordinate quantity of thought. Nevertheless I find little to expound on which promises to make this post our smallest to date. I probably carefully considered a score names but can only remember one now - “OnRecord” (OR for short). As a point of curiosity, I originally wrote up showMe.html using the name “GNU-foo”. Just before forwarding it to my hero, I did a little investigation on the Internet regarding that term (with hopes that it was not much used) and consequently discovered how naive I'd been. GNU.hope did not rhyme (with itself) but said a lot more than “GNU-foo”. Also I very much liked the sound of giving someone GNU.hope (thanks to the obvious sentiment conveyed). My main hesitation was that “hope” seemed a bit weak (as in ‘hoping 'n wishing’). Also while “hope” is only one syllable (a big positive), I'd still prefer less than four letters just to minimize the written size. To help address that concern I decided to swap the original hyphen (-) with a period (.) which proved to be esthetically nice as well.

That brings us to the “GNU” part. OK, after gawking at this screen for about an hour let me simply put it like this: For me, the people behind GNU and the whole free software phenomena represents the most avant-garde, beautifully courageous warriors on this planet. Moreover, this movement holds the most realistic hopes of significantly accelerating the advancement of our race toward greater rationality - whether they're clueless of this role or not.

The Irrepressible Lure of Insanity

Moral Leaders

Fri Mar 17 10:04:41 2006 — Loving Mommy More than Truth

We've previously cited the vital increases of production via the division of labor and cooperative effort.  For a more primordial perspective the word “production” might better be replaced with “subsistence” or even “survival”.  Yet before addressing the dominant bearing money has on these fundamental means of sustaining human existence;  we should first note that (like it or not) both are social (others oriented) phenomenon.  So from conception to the casket ‘others’ are a very real life & death determinant.  The significance of this is greatly amplified when one considers that our ‘survival instinct’ or ‘will to live’ is persuasively rumored to be the most ingrained cardinal commander of our strongest impulsions.  The preceding will hopefully help account for a human propensity found in a quote I encountered just yesterday - namely:
    When I was seven years old, I was once reprimanded by my mother for an act of collective brutality in which I had been involved at school.  A group of seven-year-olds had been teasing and tormenting a six-year-old.  “It is always so,” my mother said.  “You do things together which not one of you would think of doing alone.”  ...  Wherever one looks in the world of human organization, collective responsibility brings a lowering of moral standards.  The military establishment is an extreme case, an organization which seems to have been expressly designed to make it possible for people to do things together which nobody in his right mind would do alone.
                -- Freeman Dyson, Weapons and Hope

Note that Dyson is suggesting that the same basic principle operant in a spontaneous episode involving a few seven-year-olds also applies to thousands of men in their prime totally immersed into a tightly controlled, highly regimented, patently propagandic environment.  Well to that I'd just have to say -- pretty perceptive!  Then there is that phrase of his.....

For the Love of Money


Fri Mar 10 07:04:08 2006 – Indisputable, forge & thief proof ownership

Indisputable, unforgeable, thief proof ownership is an untapped ramification inherent in public-private key encryption technology. This leads to a simple obvious means for us to realize wealth while advancing security, dignity, and freedom. In view of what passes for money today, there is good reason to expect that rational empowering alternatives could be embraced. The advancement of this hope is the raison d’être for this blog.

Our blog's named Monetize - yet my impetus is not to personally monetize anything. I believe that mankind's second greatest invention is money - however I know of no national currency worthy of endorsement. The values driving the free software movement directly expedite liberation from grievous fallacies - nevertheless a straightforward means to reward avant-garde warriors is patently lacking.

So here is the plan. Let's say that you wish to recognize some particularly deserving individual. You simply write up your thoughts (or offer) and then sign the text using your private key. Next you send this to your recipient. If this person wishes to take ownership of your gesture, they will then verify your signature and sign the whole thing using their private key. Next this file with it's uniquely identifying name (UID) is posted to a highly accessible public data base (GRW). These simple actions have created a mutually agreed upon ownership that is indisputable, unforgeable, and thief proof. And while nothing has been monetized as yet, a fertile robust stage has certainly been set to do so. The file will be effectively monetize as soon as it changes ownership for some consideration (with no limit to the number of times this could occur).
    The original text you created could have been a mere compliment or something more substantive like a redeemable coupon - it's only limited by our collective imagination. For instance, one could easily grant interest in an enterprise, or you might just write to a performer and promise to buy a ticket when they do a concert in your city. If said performer collects (becomes owner of) sufficient numbers of these endorsements, then the raw appreciation of their fans could be literally bought up by a promoter who'll sponsor a concert in return for having the commitment of hundreds or thousands of fans in advance. Look here for more thoughts along these lines.
    Now before something like the above could become a big reality we'd be looking at a google size data base with an enormous amount of traffic. This would insinuate the participation of 3rd party service providers to make the process readily available to the masses. Long before that however, a great service could be bestowed upon the more technically inclined who will be responsible for fueling the initial popularity and advancement of this new freedom based form of ownership & monetization.

What Monetize ain't

Chinese Pu

Mon Mar 6 12:29:35 2006 – Some philosophy on phraseology & one example of actual/real monetization.
* Chinese Pu - Symbolic of Monetary History *

Yes, we're overdue on “... a simple, brief, nontechnical way to explain the idea.” I'm postponing that a bit nevertheless, and will instead elaborate on the now sadly common bad phraseology of 'monetizing' a Blog (etcetera).

First, I've found two more definitions (from namely:

American Heritage Dictionaries

mon  ·e  ·tize
tr.v., -tized, -tiz ·ing, -tiz ·es.
1. To establish as legal tender.
2. To coin (money).
3. To convert (government debt) from securities into currency that can be used to purchase goods and services.


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