The Process Revolution:


The Process Revolution:
The Internet and the Rise of Commonism

Authored by Eric Harris-Braun
v 0.5 - July 20060

Revised by Zack Clark to:
The Process Revolution:
The Internet and the Rise of "Co-talentism"

November 2006


Prolonged Absence

Disintegration of Persistence

finding the groove

Wow, it has been well over four months since my last post. On 07/14/2006 -within a month after my previous post- a reader wrote via email, “Haven't seen an update to your blog in quite a while. Hope you're creating, and not stewing!” Actually, I was too bewildered to seriously stew. I had targeted select persons and groups with modest email campaigns which came to nothing. Although I have an email list of GPG/PGP users to address (thinking that they would at least relate to the technology); those who I'd written to before -in my judgment- already enjoyed the best flexibility of mind to relate to my YeNom proposal. And even if refocused efforts with any new group were unexpectedly 96 times more successful than my previous endeavors, it'd still be negligible.

So, I felt that some serious reappraisals were in order. The strategy of choice was to get my thoughts absorbed in a completely different activity, which -in this case- turned out to attending to my fledgling Linux system and getting better acquainted with this enthusiastically respected world of software freedom.

O.L.-00-John Zube

Reinventing Money

Gracious John Zube: (of reinventingMoney)

Before getting into the main thrust of this letter, I'd like to clear up some apparent misunderstandings. Your 06-05-30 email mentions:

The ‘Prophetless’ Hackers


a Geek Tragedy

Hackers? — Yea, plus the various extraordinary phenomena spawned from the same spirit. For example: The GNU approach – Linus's Law (bazaar model) – the wiki wonder – and all the gifted persons moving this new future forward. These pioneers and their strategies have achieved record breaking results with heretofore inconceivable despatch. Some real (programming type) hackers may resent being grouped with wiki workers. If so, the tragedy is only exacerbated to the extent any uneasiness is taken to heart. I know, you're thinking, “Tragedy? What tragedy?” Well I'm glad you asked.

Regarding open versus proprietary software the technical verdict is in and the war is won. At this juncture, the proprietary camp has as much chance of prevailing over free hackers as LPs had over CDs – tubes over transistors – BBSs over the Internet – and so on. A crucial difference exist however between the open/proprietary conflict and the other comparisons. The later are all examples of hard specific technical differences, while the free vs proprietary thing delves more into social realities and philosophy. OK, it's time for a new ‘ism&squo; – how about “bazaarism”? (like that's got a chance of sticking) The first notable issue is that unlike capitalism, Marxism or socialism – bazaarism does not have oodles of blather (formal ideology) pushing to popularize it. Instead, bazaarism spontaneously came into existence on its own. Yet bazaarism largely remains unrecognized for what it is – a new social paradigm who's time has come as heralded by the humble hacker.

O.L.-00-Linus Torvalds


YeNom * a new epoch * a new system of wealth
* Setting the trend for a new era of Kings *

Hello Linus Torvalds,

Thanks for your leading role in unleashing a whole new realm of freedom forces. The GNU approach, Linus's Law (the bazaar model) and the wiki wonder have achieved record breaking results with heretofore inconceivable dispatch. The most personally awe inspiring aspect of this whole marvel is the fact that it's stoppably unfolded without massive mega-dollars of funding! Indeed, the monetary status quo which wholly engulfs us constitutes a hostile proprietary environment that's largely counterproductive to the needs of today's avant-garde talent.

Money - no concept has commanded more innate power to effect vital increases of productivity through economy of scale, cooperative effort, specialization and the division of labor. So what gives, why hasn't money been center stage at it's traditional helm? Revealing studies even suggest that paid employment can actually discourage innovative & creative work. Could we be evolving to an era where orthodox money is moot?

Money has achieved its objectives so well that it literally enjoys life & death reverence even while constantly funneling wealth, power and control to its issuers. Poised individuals always sense these types of systemic problems and will manifest negative reactions at some level. Nevertheless, the myriad of valiant contributors who constitute the very heart of the above cited freedom miracles surely merit a means of recognition befitting their wealth creating fortitude. They deserve something to invigorate sustained productivity - an appropriate tangible gesture offered voluntarily for doing a great job their way (and it could come from anyone).

Announcing the world's first YeNom


with anti-fanfare

My post titled “O.L.-01-Frederick Mann” stated, “Currently the database of YeNom files resides at and holds zero YeNoms.” Well that has changed, one YeNom does exist (albeit a near antithesis to what I'd hoped for). I've created two new directories here also, namely: “Gestures” & “publicKeys”. The first contains outstanding Gestures awaiting the recipient's signature and the other contains relevant public-keys. Neither of these two extra directories are currently guaranteed to always be maintained by the GWR database.

Home Page for Principalities Blog


Hone Sweet Home

A home page has been created for the blog to provide yet another introduction to SUYO/YeNom plus an abbreviated index into the blog to help direct the attention of new readers to the primary posts. A link to said home page follows:

The Problem With Anarchy


Mon Apr 17 21:23 2006 – too much bull - too little beef

Which is the Real Anarchist?

Webster's Third International Dictionary, succinctly defines anarchism as, “a political theory opposed to all forms of government and governmental restraint and advocating voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups in order to satisfy their needs.”
Britannica-Webster reads, “a political theory that holds all government authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocates a society based on voluntary cooperation of individuals and groups.”
And the New Webster Handy College Dictionary tersely states, “the political doctrine that all governments should be abolished.”
From wiktionary we get:
1. absence of hierarchy, power and authority
2. absence of any form of political authority or government
3. political disorder and confusion
4. absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose
5. without rules or laws (syn: anomie, anomy)
6. self-government

Finally my standby Random House Webster's yields:
an-ar-chism (an'uhr kiz uhm)   n.
1. a doctrine urging the abolition of government or governmental restraint as the indispensable condition for full social and political liberty.
2. the methods or practices of anarchists.

Now that's all patently prettier than poetry and even in good keeping with its Greek roots - so where's the rub? Well as we've seen with “monetize”, there are always plenty of quasi-literates who need to bend straight clear concepts into twisted pretzels promoting perverse purposes.

For a good sampling of what I'm talking about just drop “anarchy” into your favorite search engine, and you'll quickly find this simple idea contorted & complicated. The following quote characterizes one major branch of colonization as raw as you'd want: “Anarchism is really a synonym for socialism. The anarchist is primarily a socialist whose aim is to abolish the exploitation of man by man.” - Daniel Guérin, Anarchism. As you might anticipate, we also find: 1) anarcho-syndicalists who crave a high degree of societal structure, 2) worker's control of the means of production and distribution, 3) opposition to personal property ownership, 4) parecon, etc. Particulars include: Russian anarchists Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876) and Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) - Mutual Aid, Fields Factories and Workshops plus The Conquest of Bread, plus Pierre Joseph Proudhon - What is Property?.

O.L.-01-Frederick Mann


RE: an Alternative to Dollar Depravity
* Frederick Mann Interview here *

Greetings Frederick Mann,

I would first very much like to thank you for the generosity of your response. The following is extracted from your reply with numbering ("#") added to your five questions; after which comes my answers.

O.L.-00-Frederick Mann

an Alternative to Dollar Depravity
* A letter from Frederick Mann *

Dear Mr. Frederick Mann,

Your article titled The Most Powerful Freedom Strategy (whatmost.htm) states, “If you talk freedom, but you kowtow to terrocrats -- even financing them! -- aren't you living a lie? Economic power not subject to terrocrat control is by far our best weapon for defeating the terrocrats.” Well, I have a dedicated blog for a revolutionarily fresh means to further such objectives. This option cuts straight to the largely unrecognized crux of the problem with YeNom, a new, clean, & unlimited alternative monetary base.


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