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HONDURAS: 3 Open Letters to Rush Limbaugh

Seal of Honduras

Diverging yet further from what I should be doing here.

Following are reproductions of three recent email sent to Mr. Limbaugh regarding the current affairs in Honduras. –
Subject: A question from the new seat of Democracy - HONDURAS

Mr. Rush,

Not being a sophisticated political analyst, I am wholly bewildered by the upsetting unanimity of polarized political prejudice against (the people of) Honduras (i.e. support for Manuel Zelaya).  Moreover, the moronic mantras mouthed about democratic principles & processes and constitutional order is blatantly brazen considering that those are precisely the points most violated by ‘Mel’.

Regarding the Honduras Constitution, allow me to quote from the bottom of the page found at http://countrystudies.us/honduras/84.htm
“Title VII, with two chapters, outlines the process of amending the constitution and sets forth the principle of constitutional inviolability. The constitution may be amended by the National Congress after a two-thirds vote of all its members in two consecutive regular annual sessions. However, several constitutional provisions may not be amended. These consist of the amendment process itself, as well as provisions covering the form of government, national territory, and several articles covering the presidency, including term of office and prohibition from reelection.”

Moreover from http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/6/29/748124/-Peculiarities-of-the-1982-Honduran-Constitution (and written by a Honduran politician in 1992) we read, “… the armed forces are charged with fulfilling eminently political functions: maintaining the rule of the Constitution, the principles of free suffrage, and the alternation of the office of the presidency of the republic.

SO MY QUESTION IS THIS:  Is the vehemence of the reactions against Honduras by Obama and other leftist leaders due to FEAR? 

In other words, the courageously pro-democratic actions taken by Honduras cannot be allowed to prevail as this would set a highly dangerous precedence.  I mean, IF Honduras can get by with independently cleaning up a grave threat to their constitution and way of life with zero outside assistance/interference, THEN what is to prevent other countries from following their valiant example?  Could this “Honduras Happening” potentially derail us off the “new world order” track and revive quaint dreadful notions of sovereignty?  Is there any validity to the prospect that Ortega, Chavez. or even Obama could follow Zelaya's fate if this Honduran happenstance is not urgently undone?  *OR* is there a better answer to the desperate untenable accusations exacted against Honduras by leftest??



Crying needs & opportunities

Thanks in part to innovative sites like whois.domaintools.com and www.aboutus.org this blog has enjoyed a significant jump in traffic. And while an indignant lapse has been suffered since my last post, this should not be interpreted as any wane of commitment. Nor is there a lack of material and strategies to examine. The problem instead lies in managing dearly limited hours to best advance ones aspirations. Most recently my time has been focused on a project to advance and develop the Lake Yojoa area of Honduras (see Yojoa.org). Given the traffic increase however (along with the merits of our goal), I now commit to a minimum of two worthy post per month.

A major problem Honduras has is an incredibly weak system of land registration resulting in extremely insecure real estate ownership. The main issues are three fold: 1) To paraphrase the World Bank; it's estimated that only about 30 percent of the 2.6 million land parcels in the country [1.8 million urban, 0.8 million rural] are properly registry [the total value of these extra-legal assets is estimated to be $12 billion, which could be used to mobilize credit]. 2) Very little real estate has ever been correctly surveyed. 3) Registering a property in no way guarantees against (past or future) conflicting registrations. Conditions such as these are understandably sufficient to subdue serious investment interests. Consequently, efforts lent to correcting these inadequacies should reasonably result in a valuable service.

Moreover, Yojoa.org is actively approved by associates who's support help secure my future as a responsible provider. Nevertheless, my personal principle passion is the introduction of alternative monetary solutions into this mix. The rural areas of Honduras is just one of many finely irrefutable instances of stalled & strangled economic development due merely to a lack of monopolistic 3rd party money/tickets/tokens.

Land rich but cash poor. Why not use credits based on land titles to relieve the liquidity crunch? Will keep you posted through this blog, plus your reflective input is eagerly welcomed.


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