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YeNom — Your Time Will Come!

Take a sad song and make it better

The aspiration of is to help usher in an immanent new world. Unlike the fashion world, the (old doomed) financial world, or the political world: the YeNom world is NOT some self-important entity that any individual is expected, required, or compelled to accept. Moreover, in addition to participation being unequivocally voluntary, the core value of this simple system stems entirely from individual contribution. The only authorities found within this realm are those whom a person elects to respect or commit to.

O.L.-00-Philip R. Zimmermann


03/31/2006 02:50 AM – SUBJECT: Open Letter to Philip R. Zimmermann on a yet more rational future
* Phil Zimmermann's Personal Web Site *

Hello Mr. Philip R. Zimmermann,

When your PGP was introduced on the Internet, I was actually most impressed with the ramifications implied by the signatory aspects of the secret-public key technology. A simple ownership principle immediately occurred to me in which (PGP) private key signatures could be employed to realize an unforgeable, undeniable, indestructible, thief-proof proprietorship basically cost free. Hence I've been anxiously poised 15 years waiting to jump on the bandwagon once something developed in this area. My patience ran out and I started a blog which advocates a simple plan to monetize anything based upon the ownership principle mentioned above. I am convinced that PGP's part in realizing a new era of monetary freedom could well represent a contribution to our global society which even surpasses that deservingly enjoyed by private communications.

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