YeNom — Your Time Will Come!

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Take a sad song and make it better

The aspiration of is to help usher in an immanent new world. Unlike the fashion world, the (old doomed) financial world, or the political world: the YeNom world is NOT some self-important entity that any individual is expected, required, or compelled to accept. Moreover, in addition to participation being unequivocally voluntary, the core value of this simple system stems entirely from individual contribution. The only authorities found within this realm are those whom a person elects to respect or commit to.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Monday August 16, 2010

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Honest Perspective

Dear Zack,

You asked for my input to

I (re)read a lot of your stuff and one thing struck me after a while: it is very - and so to say needlessly - complicated.

I'll quote you for example on one thing:

6) Can you briefly run through the main steps to realize a YeNom?

Content with an Intense Intent

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The Dutchman Cometh

In the following I found myself writing, “It is a grave error on my part to post anything here that distracts from, or obfuscates the blog's intent.” To best assure that this very post does not fall into this same dismal category, I'm starting this out with an explanation of said intentions.

My most intent objective here is to reek havoc on the single greatest enemy mankind has. The term that most accurately seems to encapsulate the quintessential essence of this adversary is “FANTASY”. For better delineation, lets call it id-fantasy to distinguish it from day-dreaming and other distractions – i.e. idle-fantasy (although such forms of recreation tend to revolve around id-fantasies). The meme realm (in its entirety) includes id-fantasy as a subset. A simplistic yet hopefully helpful take on the human condition lies with an inspection of our meme set. In the beginning, crude emotion –primarily fear– forges most memes (basic id-fantasy which is perpetuated by the ‘Loving Mommy More than Truth’ type of thing). Nevertheless, actuality and logic do make painstaking inroads and so a polarized continuum arises in the meme pool between id-fantasy and reason.

Goodbye & Hello

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Drupal & WordPress two Classic Works of Fine Software

WordPress has been more than adequate for our requirements here. I've been working on other projects however, where Drupal better addressed the needs at hand. Plus I have plans for our site here that will also be better handled by Drupal. In any event I much prefer to fulfill all my publishing needs with one product instead of two, so it's sadly time to say a warm goodbye to WordPress and an enthusiastic Hello to Drupal.

Zack Clark -Self Proclaimed Wild Eyed Radical- Seeks Acceptance at Advogato

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Wild Eyed Radical

Advogato ... the real thing
Following is my application (aka "Notes:") to Advogato

        The Press & Gutenberg -- Who made Whom?

Does a man make a movement or can the reverse be assumed?
A star rises imminently above all the rest
  is the secret in the Sun-of-Man or mass consciousness?
After a tide of change time has crown
  mankind seeks names to honor & renown.
Fame games are fun -- sets the masses to wallow
  though life as a follower waxes hopelessly hallow.

So where is the next trend and how does it begin?

HONDURAS: 3 Open Letters to Rush Limbaugh

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Seal of Honduras

Diverging yet further from what I should be doing here.

Following are reproductions of three recent email sent to Mr. Limbaugh regarding the current affairs in Honduras. –
Subject: A question from the new seat of Democracy - HONDURAS

Mr. Rush,

Not being a sophisticated political analyst, I am wholly bewildered by the upsetting unanimity of polarized political prejudice against (the people of) Honduras (i.e. support for Manuel Zelaya).  Moreover, the moronic mantras mouthed about democratic principles & processes and constitutional order is blatantly brazen considering that those are precisely the points most violated by ‘Mel’.

Regarding the Honduras Constitution, allow me to quote from the bottom of the page found at
“Title VII, with two chapters, outlines the process of amending the constitution and sets forth the principle of constitutional inviolability. The constitution may be amended by the National Congress after a two-thirds vote of all its members in two consecutive regular annual sessions. However, several constitutional provisions may not be amended. These consist of the amendment process itself, as well as provisions covering the form of government, national territory, and several articles covering the presidency, including term of office and prohibition from reelection.”

Lovely Lies - Damn Lies - and I.P.

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Confusing the intangible with the tangible

Commenting on my post of December 12 ,2007 — What's wrong with the GNU GPL?

Alan wrote, “I believe the core argument in this post is: "Copyright is one of the state's basic mechanisms for seducing weak minds into sanctioning governmental violence to enforce contrived rights who's only hope of possibly being realized lies in the menacing threat of arrogant aggression." Without commenting on the rest of the post (which I mostly agree with), I feel this main point needs rebuttal.
    While the post in question concerned various (largely laudable) observations concerning the GNU General Public License, Alan did identify the single sentence that best captures my primary core argument. It could consequently be argued that this terribly belated response should follow Alan's comment under my original provocative post. I have, instead elected to create a new main (root level) post for the following reasons:

Lies - Damn Lies - and I.P.

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Confusing the tangible with the intangible


Commenting on my post of December 12 ,2007 --
What's wrong with the GNU GPL? Alan wrote, "I believe the core argument in this post is: "Copyright is one of the state's basic mechanisms for seducing weak minds into sanctioning governmental violence to enforce contrived rights who's only hope of possibly being realized lies in the menacing threat of arrogant aggression.

World's Most Powerful Business Method Patent Proposal!

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PATENT Left – Taking the Patent to it's ultimate logical end

I apologize up front for inserting an extra post in ahead of my long over due thrashing of Intellectual Property theory. However, there's this hot idea that came to me while finishing up “WHY I.P.??” and it just can't wait. In fact, it's probably unwise to have delayed as long as I have – as some like-minded jerk could swoop in and steal all the glory.

Anyway, even yours truly has been bitten by the patent bug now. One can only imagine how the prospects of fame & envy serves to motivate an ill defined ego. So without further ado, here is the patent to end all patents:

  A business method wherein profits are realized from acquiring patents and then suing infringers.

Don't worry if the beauty of this doesn't exactly jump out at you (as that should help prove non-obviousness). Also note that acquiring any patents (other than the Power Patent just defined) is not necessary. You just need to find plaintiffs with patent infringement suits; then they in-turn become intrinsic defendants for infringing on your patented business method. A jolly-good bonus for anyone lacking friends is that such a patent would make you adored by thousands of attorneys.

WHY I.P.??

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IP a real pisser

Intellectual Property and Other Fantasized Rights

I've rightfully been faulted for too slowly producing my promised pummeling of the pathetic premises behind Intellectual Property (IP). On the other hand, the mere diversion of attention from the blog's core theme (money morals) to engage IP proponents could reasonably be question as well. So true to what I indicated previously, this post will examine why IP is a valid YeNom blog topic.

Restating exactly what this blog's objective actually is may be useful. This can be best encapsulated as ... freedom. Now if the direct connection between YeNom/SUYO (Simple Undeniable Yank-proof Ownership) and freedom is not readily evident then this review is particularly pertinent. In contrast to ‘freedoms’ afforded by the state (better called “freakdoms”) were one is generously released of responsibility and encouraged to enjoy rights to unearned medicine, food, housing, condoms, etcetera; the freedom I'm selling is the exact anti-thesis where responsibility is actually the prime prerequisite for real freedom and a person is free to suffer the consequences of their own actions (regardless of how excruciatingly successful that may turn out). I'd further like to aptly argue that freedom can be equivalently understood as disengagement from slavery.