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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Monday August 16, 2010

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 16/Aug/2010 - 15:49

Honest Perspective

Dear Zack,

You asked for my input to

I (re)read a lot of your stuff and one thing struck me after a while: it is very - and so to say needlessly - complicated.

I'll quote you for example on one thing:

6) Can you briefly run through the main steps to realize a YeNom?
An originator writes-up a gesture for a specific recipient. The body or gist of the gesture is called a comment. The whole thing is (PGP) digitally signed by the originator. This file (named after its UID) is then sent to its intended recipient. If recipient wants to take ownership of the gesture, they should first verify its signature using the originator's public key. And then they simply digitally sign the whole thing using their private key. This makes the gesture an iCandidate ready for submission to a registry-node. For the moment only one registry-node exists and submissions can be made at After the submitted iCandidate is received, the original gesture part (written by the originator) will be re-checked for integrity and then the entire iCandidate package is tested against the recipient's public key. If both the signatures verify then the iCandidate is stored in the GWR database were it will be readily available to anyone.
      Notification of the new YeNom will also be sent to the recipient and originator if addresses were provided. The GWR is currently available to the world at

If some-one like me, who isn't at all into software, computer programming or Bill Gates and so on, reads this, he is beset with a total black-out. It is not that I COULDN'T understand it ( I speak several languages fluently, so I could learn another language as well), but the effort to follow it all is simply too much..!

So I have to disappoint you as regards my engaging in this 'battle' or discussion or what you want to call it: argument, Yenom, and so on. I still don't know what a Yenom is, despite reading your explanation, and hence I don't want to create one... I guess I am too limited to work in that field?! All this of course, doesn't mean I don't appreciate your writing! It is just the blog format that I don't get nor do I get the importance of it.

What I can do:
All I am capable of doing is giving you occasionally some simple atmospheric impressions on the moronic state of the (in)human systems, be it monetary or governmental, be it delusional or love-inspired. By the way I don't think love is an antidote to delusion. Love is just as delusional as any other feeling or thought. The only non-delusional thing, in-as-far as we until now unknowingly presume, is death.

In fact I would like to write a book, a travel log with the workingtitle:
Traipsing through Tormenting Terrene

"being a Description of My Mingling Among the Moronic Masses of Anencephalically - Inane Asses that Populate the Planet as a Compulsory Concomitant to all its Flagrant Folly, and my Horrific Desperation and Sinking Feelings thereupon"

or some such thing?

As you see, my branch of anarchism is mainly sarcasm and satire. Somewhere - and I think that was a longtime ago - I must have lost the wish to change anything....!

One more quote from you:

7) Are all the terms you tediously define really necessary?
Maybe not, as I certainly do not want to complicate things with unnecessary verbiage. The goal is to add precision and clarity to dialogs. The terms are hopefully intuitive and if conscientiously employed should make communications more explicit and brief. Notable terms are gesture, iCandidate, and YeNom to reference the comment package at different stages of advancement. The reason behind my perhaps belabored distinctions parallel the need to succinctly distinguish between a “bill” and a “statute” in legislative processes.

I don't know why you are seeking such exact definitions of communications. It must be something to do with your programming background? My communication goes much more along intuitive lines. Like we did in our first couple of emails. Indirectly we understood the other, or somehow felt that we could trust each other or you me. Trusting you was much easier than the other way around, because you did put every kind of photo on the website, so everybody could see who was who. Photos don't lie, certainly yours don't.

There is more to say, but I am going to stop for the moment.

All the best,

The unerring in his flight because a non-flying Dutchman...