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Introductions - Part II

Submitted by zClark on Mon, 06/Mar/2006 - 07:20

Sun Mar 5 14:33:11 2006 – Why mix ‘success philosophy’ with our Monetize theme.

It's been over 55 hours since I started my previous post - more than twice as long as I'd hoped for.

In looking over causes for the delay I can find nothing noteworthy. What is interesting however, is the motivation I felt once it was time to continue our blog. This is particularly significant since I have acute concerns regarding my ability to keep this blog going. So the motivation I experienced despite a relentless headache encouragingly weighs in on the optimistic side of things.

If you're wondering, “OK, but what in the world does this have to do with the purported main theme of the blog - namely monetization?”; then I'm really quite elated that you're ‘calling’ me on this, as nothing could be more critical to deal with right now. I'm convinced that I couldn't possibly have anything to say that would be more crucial than the Monetize theme (and my proposed means to realize a new era regarding this particular field of abstraction). However, there are private challenges looming over me that I simply cannot afford to ignore (any longer). If addressing personal issues on this kind of blog seem pretty inappropriate to you, then we are in agreement.

So then - why am I doing this? I'm doing it because it's the only chance I see for successfully resolving/advancing either cause. I fully understand if ruminations over personal success factors and the analysis of new mechanisms for monetization appear to have precious little to do with one an other. However, for myself they are deeply interlocked (since the Monetize theme holds my deepest hopes for making a effective contribution to our legacy). And the best means for me to handle both is via carefully thought out expression in written text. This is where the prospect of a potential readership is so important. Out of respect for the reader, I can apply myself to a degree that would not otherwise be possible.

So I do recognize that including personal philosophical perspectives could detract from our principle study and the advancement of freedom through monetization. And if I had sufficient talent to segregate the two then I'd apologize for not doing so. However, I will do my best to make what might be called ‘success philosophy’ compliment any progress with our Monetize theme. Also I'd like to implement a means to clearly distinguish between the two trains of thought so that readers can more easily skip over any material they find irrelevant.

I feel that a quick critique of my writing style may be in order. A friend recently wrote, “Spend half the time just working on clarity and simplification if you want to increase the level of communications. Precision of words does not typically increase clarity of communications because the precision includes a context which may not be clear to anyone else. To ensure maximum understanding, always find the simplest way to say exactly what you want, and not the most precise way. Communications depends enormously on redundancy (the nature of language, like it or not) and precision usually comes with reduced redundancy.” Yet despite the good advise, I'm still quite prone to over hone my verbal precision. The same friend tends to emphasize appealing to a mass readership. This is where I feel a bit reserved. I'm much more interested in the quality of my potential readership than their numbers.

Successful revolutions (violent or not) are often realized without mass support (or even awareness). The winds of change are not the popularity contest one might imagine. And most radical new departures from the status quo are probably better viewed as super-saturated situations which are wholly inevitable to gel spontaneously. The best any one individual could hope to do is add his weight to achieving human relief a year, decade or century sooner.

While it can be argued that we are way behind on our Monetary development, the first post had a link to showMe.html (my first explanatory document addressed to Richard M. Stallman) which should be readable for at least 1 out of 99 souls.

Hopefully I'll learn how to get better post out more timely as things evolve.

I was ready to time stamp the close of my first post (as I'm doing now) but felt ashamed by the elapsed time.

Sun Mar 5 19:52:09 2006