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Save the Children!

Submitted by zClark on Sat, 05/May/2007 - 06:42

Society: Empowered by the Individual perverted by the state

Save the Children?” What exactly is that supposed to mean?? Well the current main stream thought-pool which is huge enough to easily immerse both the Moral Majority and Greenpeace would instantly translate this to “DONATE”. Which in turn means, “YOU give MONEY to THEM”. And by “THEM” we obviously don't mean the children themselves nor their parents and not even any local community centers; but instead officially trustworthy & awesomely affluent organizations endowed to the hilt with adequate overhead. This is an undeniably valid premise as the very same (anti)thought-pool invariably holds that money makes the world go round and 501(c)3 organizations know best.

To quickly clean the preceding up a bit, it first behooves one to refrain from using a term like “thought-pool” to refer to a condition which serves more to paralyze rather than stimulate the mind. A more apt reference would be “meme pool” (or possibly “stool”). Next, as I'm relentlessly prone to promote, the real miracle of human society lies in the exponential advantages found in cooperation and division of labor. Since money can powerfully enable such mutually profitable interactions incredibly well, the more cunning have managed to securely monopolize this otherwise naturally free medium.

So if one now wishes to consider saving the poor children then the last thing you'd want to instill in their minds is a crippling dependence on a proprietary currency issued by the very same system that left them outside the monetary loop in the first place. Real empowerment would reside in the creation of their own local currencies potentially based upon the YeNom concept. The first and foremost matter a free enterprise system should address is its own life blood; namely an open flexible monetary scheme that is customizable to specifically address any need.

While children make for endearing sentimental targets, other instances of victimization are worth considering as well. And in the case of traditional money, robbery is perhaps the most notorious. This can occur in three broad modes. In order of severity these are: 1) counterfeiting, 2) swindling and 3) direct person on person violation. Yea, I know counterfeiting as number one must sound pretty strange even though the state likes to make a big deal out of this whenever they wish to issue a downgraded currency to their benefit. But I'm talking about the mobsters within the self-sanctioned system (not from the outside). In other-words, it is the Federal Reserve System itself that should be construed as the master counterfeiter in violation of the Constitution. As is the case with lotteries, the state simply can't condone competition. Precious few, however, care to acknowledge things like this. The only news people crave to hear and worry about revolve around gruesome individuals like Seung-Hui Cho while the insanity of say Hiroshima and Nagasaki is accepted in stride.

So fine, lets talk about all the times working father's have been sliced up for the Federal Reserve Notes in their wallets, the unnumbered store owner's with their brains splattered all over, and the multitude of mothers murdered for their purse - solely due to the state's steelable currency. But despite the violence and daily flow of blood our precious money invokes, it's still a great deal - right?? The main problem here is that this isn't exactly the right question. Sure the benefits of even proprietary money out weighs the nasty negatives; just as the benefits of fire are not undone by a few thousand witch burnings. The real issue is why tolerate senseless violence when it's wholly unnecessary?? In this era an open & thief proof monetary system is not hard to come up with. And any state power that fails to offer their citizenry violence thwarting monetary options can hardly be remotely deemed as a serious protector of the citizenry.

The state at any level requires a sundry of enemies to combat via tactics ranging from prohibitions, to police forces, to megaton bombs. There is far too much at stake to permit any substantial undoing of the population's generally perceived needs for tax paid protections. This consequently means that any avenue to a truly better world must always be paved by individuals like yourself.

* Photo taken from the poor section of El Pregresso Honduras *


Very interesting! Very

Submitted by Alan on Wed, 09/May/2007 - 10:00

Very interesting! Very powerful! Some extraordinarily moving points.

Yeah, I do have some criticisms, as well! But, they are based on some questionable premises which are not the core message of your blog. So, understand, this is almost a sideline comment. One of your points is the absurdity of money that can be stolen by force. There are two gaping holes in this point: first is the assumption that the computer/internet/technology infused Yenom system is up to the task of replacing paper and coin for strolls down to the the ice cream parlor, and second is that people are robbed for *valuables* which include much more than the currency, and for which a total replacement of FRNs with Yenoms will make only marginal differences to any added security from theft (unless you know, for example, how to make a bicycle out of YeNoms).