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Zack Clark -Self Proclaimed Wild Eyed Radical- Seeks Acceptance at Advogato

Submitted by zClark on Sat, 11/Jul/2009 - 18:49
Wild Eyed Radical

Advogato ... the real thing
Following is my application (aka "Notes:") to Advogato

        The Press & Gutenberg -- Who made Whom?

Does a man make a movement or can the reverse be assumed?
A star rises imminently above all the rest
  is the secret in the Sun-of-Man or mass consciousness?
After a tide of change time has crown
  mankind seeks names to honor & renown.
Fame games are fun -- sets the masses to wallow
  though life as a follower waxes hopelessly hallow.

So where is the next trend and how does it begin?

Are our grand fates set in cold stone --
  or is it the case destiny can roam?
Various forces mass with interest at stake --
  like deep titanic plates poised at the gate.
How fragile the balance -- that's a real unknown
  Proffered predictions are often quite wrong, as
mighty scales shift from the weight of a song.

When religion verses reason the latter is likely breached
  but not for the eternity of which they love to preach.
Now I've found my song and I'm ringing it strong
  yet it's falling on ears that hear not a sound.

Bazaar cries crash The Cathedral to the ground --
  while Stallman n' Raymond dance the merry-go-round.
Multitudes of good blokes with the Linus touch
  Crash Microsoft's Gates and end their epoch.

my Song says this ride is just now beginning
  the free software game has many more innings.
Among proprietary passions destined for the ditch
  the world monetary monster is the ugliest bitch.

Turning money around would be a wild whiz --
Advogato forum n' bleeding edge Trust Metric
  should "Size a new Dawn" & birth a true epic.

So this is my application -- perhaps odd & quaint
  Asking only a chance to reveal real world Saints.