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Submitted by zClark on Tue, 04/Apr/2006 - 06:48

04/02/2006 10:02 PM – SUBJECT: SUYO - Simple Undeniable Yank-proof OWNERSHIP! An Open Letter
* Guru's Liar - Don Lancaster *

Mr. Don Lancaster,

I've started a blog at to promote a very simple monetary freedom idea.

In reading through your fascinating material I found a negative reference to things like geek-currency. Also, riskdown.pdf is an excellently sobering article on “The Idea Mortality Curve”. Nevertheless, the passion I have about my project keeps flaring up and your adroit insights frequently come to mind. So I've decided to write you.

The idea is to provide an unforgeable, undeniable, indestructible, thief-proof and basically cost free ownership of any digital document (which in turn could be a title to tangible objects or ownership in an enterprise, etc.). Ownership is effected through digital signatures (of both the originator and recipient) as provided by the well established and popular private/public key technology. These ‘ownership files’ are maintained in a highly accessible database open to anyone on the Internet. This ownership principle well lends itself to monetization, and thus avails some truly marvelous possibilities.

After waiting about 15 years for someone to move this obvious idea forward, I've now decided to take the first steps myself.

Although the basic plan is quite simple and easily implemented, there are a number of considerations that need to be considered. On balance. however, it is more a moral courage issue than any new advancement of technology. Anyway, I expect that you'll find the details interesting and any input would, of course, be most welcomed. I might suggest jumping in at “Illustrious Ownership”.

Thanks for any consideration,