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Submitted by zClark on Tue, 04/Apr/2006 - 06:39
Brave GNU world

04/02/2006 09:58 AM — SUBJECT: Open Letter to RMS - was: World's first GNU.hope Gesture
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on 01/28/2006 Richard M. Stallman wrote:

> Please do keep working on a simple,
> brief, nontechnical way to explain
> the idea. If you can produce that,
> then people could get interested
> in using the idea.

Dear Sir,

    I first want to thank you for the consideration you've paid to me. Regarding your quoted encouragement above: I cannot think of a more basic, important, and necessary step than what you mentioned. Consequently I've taken your advise to heart and over the course of the last 2 months I've twice tried to better accomplish this good goal. My 2 new attempts to better explain the idea are found in my blog at: - and they bear the following titles:

_For_the_Love_of_Money_ &

I cannot, however, suggest in good conscience that my new articles better realize the objective. In fact, in terms of simply selling my plan to Tom, Dick, & Harry - I'm likely loosing ground.

    Your first personal response to me stated, “Also, what was the reason for sending it encrypted? What needs to be secret?“ While I trust I answered those questions well, I'd now like to extend your sentiments and potentially post our entire email dialogue on my blog. However, I do not want to quote you any more than I have already done without your permission. Should I not hear from you again, it will clearly be construed as a lack of permission and anything else that we have written will remain private.

    Finally, in a short post titled _WHY_"GNU.hope"_, I detail my reasons for an anticipated retraction of that dear term - GNU.hope. So unless I find reason not to do so “GNU.hope” will be retired for some 2nd favorite phrase just as soon as the right word occurs to me.



RMS responded saying ....

Please distinguish between

1. Stating the plan clearly.

2. Convincing people to support it.

The first step comes first, so if you can do that much, you've made progress. Then you can tell if the plan is really workable.

If it is, then you can try to convince people to join you in doing it.