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O.L.-00-Philip R. Zimmermann

Submitted by zClark on Tue, 04/Apr/2006 - 06:03

03/31/2006 02:50 AM – SUBJECT: Open Letter to Philip R. Zimmermann on a yet more rational future
* Phil Zimmermann's Personal Web Site *

Hello Mr. Philip R. Zimmermann,

When your PGP was introduced on the Internet, I was actually most impressed with the ramifications implied by the signatory aspects of the secret-public key technology. A simple ownership principle immediately occurred to me in which (PGP) private key signatures could be employed to realize an unforgeable, undeniable, indestructible, thief-proof proprietorship basically cost free. Hence I've been anxiously poised 15 years waiting to jump on the bandwagon once something developed in this area. My patience ran out and I started a blog which advocates a simple plan to monetize anything based upon the ownership principle mentioned above. I am convinced that PGP's part in realizing a new era of monetary freedom could well represent a contribution to our global society which even surpasses that deservingly enjoyed by private communications.

Read all the details on my blog which can be accessed at:

I have also sent an email to your associate Jon Matonis where I push the idea that once a revolution is realized in the technical sector (particularly the free software movement) - HUSH could then be there to greatly facilitate in making the whole phenomena practical, painless, and phenomenally popular for the masses.