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Submitted by zClark on Tue, 04/Apr/2006 - 05:58

03/31/2006 01:25 AM — SUBJECT: Monetary Freedom & PGP - An open Letter to Jon Matonis
* Mr. Matonis' classic paper from days gone by. *

Dear Jon W. Matonis,

I have a blog which advocates a simple plan to monetize anything that can be ‘owned’. Ownership in this case is based on (PGP) private key signatures and is thus unforgeable, undeniable, indestructible, thief-proof and basically cost free.

I wanted to notify you that the first quote in my blog just happens to be from your 1995 paper titled “Digital Cash & Monetary Freedom”. But I thought I'd research your name a bit before sending you this email. Guess what - there is this guy running around with your name who just happens to be the president and chief executive officer for Hush Communications. If you and him are one and the same that's ... impressive. It's particularly interesting for the following reason. I am thoroughly convinced that this idea could well elevate the signatory aspects of secret-public key technology into being much more celebrated than even its popularity for private communications. The initial plan is to focus on the technical types (particularly the free software movement) since they should be able to readily handle the technology, concepts, and morality involved. Once a revolution is realized in this sector, it would then be time to introduce it to the masses and then HUSH could be there to greatly facilitate in making the whole process practical, painless, and phenomenally popular.

My blog can be accessed at:

There are four attempts at explaining the idea. The latest is titled, “Illustrious Ownership” which is currently the 2nd most recent post. My extensive citing of your paper is found in the post — “What Monetize ain't”.