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“GNU.hope” turn “YeNom”

Submitted by zClark on Fri, 07/Apr/2006 - 05:39

Thu Apr 6 11:03 2006 – Announcing 3 big changes

As provided in the post “Why ‘GNU.hope’” (March 31), the GNU.hope term is now replaced by YeNom (pronounced as in Spanish: ‘Ye’ with a long “a” so it rhymes with “hey”, and ‘Nom’ as in “Gnome” - roll it off the tongue like the Beetles' Hey Jude!). This new name should help keeps us mindful of the fact that a YeNom is the reverse of traditional money in most ways. For a short list, FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes denominated in dollars) are 1)  proprietary, 2)  theft inviting & 3)  an ultimate expression of dominion over the individual; while a YeNom is 1)  wholly free (as in free software), 2)  thief proof & 3)  an ultimate individual expression of liberation. Each comparison needs a full post to effectually elaborate. Until then, those familiar with Carlos Castaneda's teachings of Don Juan can see YeNom meta-principles as:   YeNom – the ‘not doing’ of fiat currency

Up to now this blog has been named “MONETIZE”. That term however, clearly needs rescuing from the vulgarly weak usage it currently suffers. Moreover, it poorly captures the gist of the real challenges at hand. So the blog is now named “Principalities” as in, “... we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Efesios 6:12) This verse kicks butt when stripped of mystical connotations since it boldly fits my perspective of ‘the internal garrison’ (where the mind itself harbors the very thought patterns that most subjugate us).

Finally, my Richard Stallman paper (the complete explanation of the GNU.hope/YeNom concept) is redone. The intro is new, a few details added, clarifications made, plus it now reads for the general public. This new document is the most definitive to date. It's accessible here both as a blog page and a raw html file. The version as originally seen by Mr. Richard Stallman is here.

Thu Apr 6 19:47:55 2006