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Monetizing Individual Value

previously known as “GNU.hope”

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This blog seeks an Internet revolution that will allow individuals to monetize any personal asset risk free.  Imagine being able to create new wealth directly from your good name, expert experience, private property, valued consul, or any recognized talent.  In other words, a more elemental monetary system where the expression of abundance originates with the very producers of wealth and value instead of something as disturbingly dangerous as government debt.  This vision is founded on two crucial criteria.  The first is a new order of raw individual OWNERSHIP that is thief-proof, indestructible, unforgeable and undeniable.  Plus it's basically cost free to create, store and transfer.  This super-ownership then forms a basis to explicitly objectify enormous quantities of previously unrealized personal wealth, and thus make it available for exchanging.  And zeroth is the prerequisite of opened minds – without which no ascension is possible regardless of the vehicle provided.

The basic philosophical underpinnings are summed up in the acronym SUYO (Simple Undeniable Yank-proof Ownership - also Spanish for “yours”), while the new object of possession is a “YeNom” (the righteous reverse of current money in more ways than just name).  So YeNoms are an ideal foundation for a new value oriented monetary base immune to abuse by power magnates.

YeNom ownership is based on unique gifts wholly created by an originator and presented to a recipient (as inherently evident a social precept as one could hope for).  Hard, simple, self-evident primordial principles like this can readily be embrace by 99+% of individuals without consternation nor need of legal interpretations. The “principle of shared understanding” is consequently maximized to the fullest and a clean stable moral platform from which to build upon is provided.

At its core, this SUYO system is a strict inviolable kernel designed to robustly address an expansive array of needs with great flexibility.  Competitive solutions are even sought to ride on top of this kernel.  In other words, the basic YeNom foundation provides a stage upon which various opposing methods can be tried.  Some options will succeed while others fail, but the underlying mechanism remains untouched and always functions reliably without interruption.  So while all users agree on our primary premise of ownership, a whole world of secondary ideologies can differ fervently, with YeNom support impartiality available to all.

The idea is wholly underpinned by private/public key technology.  An originator creates an unique text that is digitally signed and saved as a file which is offered to a recipient. Both originator and recipient are defined via their key IDs.  When a recipient wants to take ownership, they also sign the entire contents and forward the resulting file to the GWR (Germ World Record) database where it is filed and then freely available on the Internet to the public and all third party service providers.  The text cited above could constitute anything the participants desire (from a title of corporate ownership to a poem for example).  The SUYO system however, only sees YeNom files as a unique sequence of bits with zero significance other than the emphatic recognition of ownership assigned to the private key that created the final signature (within any given YeNom file). This is the clean uncomplicated kernel - the base upon which everything else unfolds.

Blog posts are currently categorized as:  “Monetary” - “Philosophical” - “Physiological” - “Introduction” & “Open Letter”.  The 1st covers technical YeNom issues, while the 2nd & 3rd focus on the moral & mental arenas.  The 4th category is used to introduce not only myself & other players, but also new matters for consideration.  While most posts (especially open letters) will contain material from multiple categories, any particular post will only be listed under the one category that best fits it.

Table of Contents to a few posts

YeNom - Turning Money Around is the most definitive explanation and probably best perspective of the system to date.

Introductions - Part I represents my first post.  It covers my initial perspectives and a brief pre-blog history.

What Monetize ain't first cites some sad revolting examples but then celebrates a healthy article from Jon W. Matonis.

For the Love of Money.html details how YeNoms and the GWR fit into the current monetary landscape.

Give unto Caesar.html touches on the essence of money and then examines several issues brought up by George Selgin that relate to the YeNom system. A good backdrop is thus provided for examining key strategical differences between us.

The Irrepressible Lure of Insanity looks into the overpowering & debilitating effects of collective mental programming.

Illustrious Ownership is a fourth perspective into my proposed plan. Towards the end I come to a real-time realization concerning the nature of this quest and a better idea of the type of persons needed to move it forward.

"GNU.hope" turn "YeNom" - Here is a short post announcing two name changes and a document upgrade.

O.L.-00-Frederick Mann - An open letter to Frederick Mann, and was the most extensive such letter to date.

O.L.-01-Frederick Mann - This quotes questions from Mr. Mann in response to the above letter, followed by my answers. Note: these two post are quite distinct and can be read independently.

The Problem With Anarchy is simply that it has been overly played with politically. And while I'd much like to champion the word as defined in most dictionaries, my reasons for choosing otherwise are herein explained.

While the above covers some of my earlier posts, it should represent the best articles to start with.

Thanks - Z.Clark