“SUYO” — Simple Undeniable Yank-proof Ownership

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O.L.-00-Frederick Mann

Submitted by zClark on Fri, 14/Apr/2006 - 11:46

an Alternative to Dollar Depravity
* A letter from Frederick Mann *

Dear Mr. Frederick Mann,

Your article titled The Most Powerful Freedom Strategy (whatmost.htm) states, “If you talk freedom, but you kowtow to terrocrats -- even financing them! -- aren't you living a lie? Economic power not subject to terrocrat control is by far our best weapon for defeating the terrocrats.” Well, I have a dedicated blog for a revolutionarily fresh means to further such objectives. This option cuts straight to the largely unrecognized crux of the problem with YeNom, a new, clean, & unlimited alternative monetary base.

As Mayer Amschel Rothschild (founder of Rothschild banking empire) warned, “Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws.” This control is now wielded by the corporate Federal Reserve System who's power extends throughout the world via their almighty dollar. Pioneers like E-Gold represent a partial alternative, but 99+% of the time a metal account is simply bought with FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes). Thus help with issues such as tight funds, etcetera is not possible. And while they at least have a respectable underlying store of value - it's not thief proof, plus administrators need to achieve and maintain high levels of trust, etc.

In more ways than just name, YeNom is the reverse of historical money. For example, this system is NOT based on any objective & scarce metals/commodities nor arbitrarily endless government debt. Instead, this new view rest wholly upon raw individual OWNERSHIP - the most innately evident and pristinely primordial social principle. To bulwark this cornerstone to the utmost degree, YeNom ownership is positively unforgeable, undeniable, indestructible, thief-proof and basically cost free to 1) create, 2) store, and 3) transfer. These ‘to good to be true’ characteristics are readily actualized because the objects of YeNom ownership are simply unique digitally signed plain text computer files (which in turn could be a title to tangible objects or stock in an enterprise, etc.). Ownership of a YeNom file is effected through the digital signatures (of both the originator and recipient) as provided by the well established and popular private/public key technology. All current YeNom files are maintained in a highly accessible (free software) database open to anyone on the Internet. This ownership principle well lends itself to monetization, and thus avails some truly marvelous possibilities. Again, the whole concept begins with and revolves around super-secure ownership. The functional value of these owned YeNom files are subsequently determined by free-market evaluation.

This obvious idea immediately occurred to me when first studying key encryption technology some 15 years ago - I've been awaiting its deployment ever since. Nothing has happened so I must kick it off myself. The basic YeNom system is simple, straight forward and easily implemented. On balance it's a moral courage issue more than some new advancement of technology. The core concepts however, are anarchical and hence fall outside the set of abstractions entertained by most people. My blog therefore examines many blatant yet unseen ramifications immediately inherent in YeNom ownership. Anyway, I expect that you'll find the details interesting and any input will certainly be warmly welcomed. I suggest starting with my blog post entitled, "Illustrious Ownership" .

Thanks - Z.Clark

P.S. My original term for this idea was “GNU.hope”. Consequently, whenever you you see “GNU.hope” referenced on the blog please read it as “YeNom”.